What Happy Clients Are Saying

Peter and his team helped me out during a very difficult financial period in my life. The peace of mind that I have gotten from their credit counselling and advice has been priceless. Thank you! Thank you!

Candice Parker

“Peter is enthusiastic in helping others get out of debt. He goes beyond just looking at their surface level issues, and genuinely cares about improving his clients’ lives. I cannot say enough positive things about Peter and 4 Pillars and I would recommend his services to anyone that needs financial assistance.”

Ofir V.

“Peter is a true gentleman with in-depth knowledge of the financial industry. Great disposition immediately puts customers at ease. Stress-free, judgement-free, very comfortable environment. Peter came up with a solution and payment estimate during the very first meeting, the estimate ended up being 100% correct and the proposal was accepted by the creditors. I will recommend Peter and his team to everyone I ever find to be in financial distress. Thank you 4Pillars Burnaby team!”

Denis Varga

Peter is a very kind and caring person. It is a pleasure working with Peter. I really appreciate the knowledge and services that he offers his clients. Thanks for helping me find ways to my dreams.

Randy Erickson

“The trepidation I felt in asking for help was quickly removed as soon as 4Pillar’s response arrived seemingly moments after my email inquiry was sent. Kindness, compassion, lack of judgement … informative, knowledgeable, patient and most importantly, transparent, are all words I would use to describe Peter Temple and his ENTIRE team “

Regine E.

Fantastic experience and friendly people! These people at 4 Pillars are definitely experts in the game of debt! With their help, I’ve managed to decrease my debt and debt payments by 60%! So not only are my monthly payments a fixed amount with NO interest, I’m finally able to have cash in my pocket to be able to either save or spend on the things I love in life! Before, I was spinning my tires in the mud forever, going nowhere with the rising interest rates and debt payment amounts. Now, with the expert help from the team at 4 Pillars, I finally feel like I am getting ahead in life!”

Matt Parker

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