Videos: Learn About Debt Relief

The difference between a consumer proposal and bankruptcy

1. The Difference Between a Consumer Proposal and Bankruptcy

This video explains why a consumer proposal is very different to a bankruptcy. People with assets such as a house may opt to file a consumer proposal or people whose career may be severely affected by bankruptcy may choose this option.

Which debts can be extinguished by a consumer proposal?

2. Which Debts Can be Extinguished by a Consumer Proposal?

Not all debts can be paid off through a consumer proposal. This video explains in detail which debts can be extinguished and may influence which route you choose on your journey to debt freedom.

How to Rebuild your Credit

3. How to Rebuild Your Credit

There is no magic to rebuilding your credit and it need not be difficult. Learn the key points you need to know to build your credit as quickly as possible.

The 3 Main Factors Affecting Your Credit Score

4. The 3 Main Factors Affecting Your Credit Score

Concentrating on these 3 items alone will help you to build your credit score. Learn now and start boosting your score to new levels.

Will I lose everything if I file for bankruptcy?

5. Will I Lose Everything if I File For Bankruptcy?

Worried that you will lose all your retirement savings and your home in a bankruptcy? Well you may not. This video explains.

What is a Consumer Proposal?

6. What is a Consumer Proposal?

Many of your friends and family may have given their version of what a consumer proposal is. Learn the facts here and understand what a consumer proposal really is.

How do I stop creditor calls?

7. How Do I Stop Creditor Calls?

Creditor calls are stressful and annoying but they can be stopped very simply. This video tells you what to do. You will be surprised how easy it is.

Which debts should I pay down first?

8. Which Debts Should I Pay Down First?

It is important that you pay down your debts in the correct order to save money in interest and to prevent legal action from aggressive ones. Learn here which creditors to focus on first and why.

What Debt Collectors Cannot Do

9. What Debt Collectors Cannot Do

Collection agencies must adhere to provincial regulations and can be heavily fined if they do not. Learn here about who they can call, when they can call, actions they can take to recover money owing etc.


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